We offer a wide range of various probe systems from affordable compact manual probers for R&D to high‐end 300mm semi‐automatic and fully automatic probe systems for ‐65degC to  +300degC thermal tests for either laboratory and cleanroom production testing.  Also, we offer the cryogenic probing system in a vacuum environment that supports temperature tests at ultra-low temperatures on 4.2k levels up to ~+200°C. We can customize the most suitable probing solution that matches your measurement application.   Our probe systems correspond to a wide variety of applications from ultra-low signal tests to high power device tests, from DC parametric measurement to RF measurement, wafer-level reliability tests,  magnetic field impression measurements, and optical device measurements.

RF Probe


Low insertion loss and return loss. Air coplanar design. Small Probe Mark Wide range of pitch selection. Probe Tip Replacement service available. (Limited times replacement)